HOME as Epicenter


We often ask,

"Are the children ready to read?" without pausing to question,

"Are the adults equipped to teach?"


Literacy is a tool for liberation, connection, and learning.

Do you really want to leave it up to the state or chance? 

Join our 12 week cohort and learn how to teach young people to read, write, and engage with print as form of connection, identity, self discovery, and so much more. 






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What is included in the cohort?

Weekly live coaching with assignments & resources

Troubleshooting sessions for your questions

Space to connect in community and share wins


This program is not for people that want a “self directed” course. 

It is a space of learning in community.

You want to know why?

Because, teaching children to read and write can be overwhelming, criticality is deeply rooted in exchange, and liberation is a collective experience.

Sometimes, you really do need community. 

Can I get an amen?

If you are a parent or caregiver looking to develop your knowledge of literacy instruction but also engage with print in our homes beyond school levels and metrics, we might be your people. 

We're talking about literacy as the foundation for criticality and social consciousness; for empathy and self-exploration; for connection and real life learning or even, compassion and healing for a child already  struggling to read. We are modeling, being, and crafting a more beautiful way to engage with literacy. 

When asked, "Where will children learn to read, write, think critically, and connect through literacy?" Member of this cohort will say: our homes and in community.

Home as epicenter is a thing and we are creating it!

Each week, we will meet live as a group, do work individually, and share resources and feedback. Once a month, we will troubleshoot and share wins. 

You will be equipped in areas of direct literacy instruction as well as criticality and connection and experience a shift in themselves and their abilities. 

If you are ready for a personal, familial, and collective transformation, join us!

Building a reading instruction practice at home that is both grounded in the science of reading and humanity centering? Yes! We love that for us!





About your host

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Nikolai Pizarro

Mother | Author | Educator | Consultant | Advocate 

For almost 15 years, Nikolai has worked to empower predominantly Black and Brown parents and caregivers, particularly segments further marginalized by socioeconomic factors, with science based frameworks of early brain development, literacy instruction, non-violent discipline, and self-directed education. Her book, Ring the Alarm, has been used by programs sponsored by Brooklyn Kindergarten Society and the Department of Health. She has facilitated workshops at hundreds of preschools and private early childhood centers, including over 300 Early Start and Head Start Centers.

Since 2014, she has additionally equipped hundreds of educators and parents with tools to facilitate foundational literacy instruction and developed an early literacy program and framework built on the Science of Reading. 

Over the past 8 years, as her own self-directed education journey with her children unfolded, her work has increasingly included private and small group coaching and collaboration with families looking to transition from conventional schooling to self-directed models and just as importantly, a commitment to reconnect with our assignment to children rather than the school system, curriculum, values, and metrics. "This work is bigger than where and how children do school. This work is in defense of childhood and our divine assignment to center humanity and belonging " she shares. 

Her framework Decentering School at home to Center Humanity (trademark pending) invites all families to create a home culture that centers humanity.

In 2022-23, she has embarked on a new assignment: Decentering Schooling at School, with now two schools engaging with the work. 

Nikolai's work is listed as an anti-racism and resilience resource by Harvard Kennedy School, Center for Public Leadership




I was REALLY GOOD at standardized tests and reading and school in general, at least early in the year. So it was a major point of pride for me especially since I was not good at sports, socializing, etc. The mini course helped me consider separating the self esteem boosts that I got from school based praise and my son's experience of education and the pressure to excel vs what I feel he actually needs to know foundationally to be prepared for healthy adulthood. 

It also reconnected me to a feeling of believing a just world is possible or at least worth putting effort towards vs apathetic acceptance. 

So thank you for the mini course and for the effort you put into helping us consider a different way to go about living, parenting and humanity. 

I’ve been following your scope and sequence and it has really helped the girls a ton. They’re reading words they would struggle with (we’re still working on b vs d and m vs n lol but they’re doing good!) I wrote the words on index cards. They do great. 

This is so helpful. I taught 8th grade and had NO idea what all goes into these foundation skills. 

I was so proud of my ability to advocate for my kiddos in this way. I never would have had the confidence or the language or even believed it was possible to advocate for my kids in school like this if not for Nikolai’s decenter to center framework. Her framework and the cohort I was a part of explored our beliefs about school, where those come from, our fears and hopes for our kids and what role school plays (or doesn’t) in those fears and hopes.

We created a vision for another way — home as the center of belonging, home as the center of learning, home as the center period. And since I started working with Nikolai, we have worked to create a home culture that centers and ritualizes connection and honors our humanity above all else.It’s so much more peaceful at home now. When we’re really clicking, it feels so right and so honest. And I feel so much closer to my kids!

We help parents center HOME as the Epicenter of Learning, Healing, & Belonging

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